Friday, May 20, 2011

Repairs on a lampshade

This was one of the first lampshades I made. It was just a copper foil lamp, and had started to get wobbly.
I pulled it off and set it down, then a pane came half off, and while removing the one to fix, the other came off.
Fiddly, and more annoying than making the thing, because of having to get all the old solder and foil off. But patience won and finally it's fixed.
Just needs the patina to bring it the black, leady kind of colour of the rest.


A little kitty girl and her dadda.

This was just so adorable to walk into, I had to share :)

Yes they were both sound alseep :)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

My little hat.

I talked awhile ago about my fail hat because I didn't swatch first. here

Well here is the hat all sewn up.. IT barely fits on my head and the punch lace was too tight to have the effect that I was after :)

At least it is something to add a laugh to your day! :)



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DIY Hair Cuts

I don't want to put anyone out of a job here, but girls, you have to at least once, try and cut your own hair!
I am not talking like a major re-style, but for trims etc, it's just so ease to do it yourself.

With the advent of You Tube, there are a zillion different tutorials out there. Choose a few and try them.
This is the one I use, I haven't tried others yet:

.Don't be afraid to try. Your hair WILL grow back and in the event that you have a catastrophe, there will always be a trusty hairdresser to fix it.

Try it on a day off when you can experiment etc?

Imagine all the things you could put that $25 a month to?